Marburg 800 - visitor tracking with rasberry pi

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Happy Birthday Marburg, or something like that… The city Marburg in Hessen is 800 years old. As a part of the ceremony the “Stadtautobahn” (city highway) was closed for one day and 800 desks were brought to the “Stadtautobahn”. Our student council was also there and tried to convince people that mathematics and computer science can also be fun ;)

On our desk we want to show something we do in the unversity. For the computer science part @Jakob-L-M and I created an visitor tracking based on rasberry pi 3 with 6 buttons for every age group. The rasberry pi was powered by an car battery and got internet over an mobile LTE hotspot. On every button click an request was send to our API. The results could be seen on a web page.

Pictures are missing here :(

The code is currently not open source, but i will publish it soon (if the code is not online yet, send me message).

Robin Schumacher

Robin Schumacher

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