Digital board for the student council

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Print out vacany and scholarship and pin in it to the board in the unversity is not the way you should do this in 2022 anymore. So we created an digital board for the student council mathematics and computer science of the Philipps University of Marburg. As student council we manage our files and other stuff already over GitHub, so we thought how we can host the digital board with GitHub Pages.

The digital board is splitted into two repositories, the content with all vacany, scholarships and other information we get and our Jekyll theme. The goal was to simply upload an post or an pdf and automate the build process of the page aswell as send an automatic Discord message to our student council Discord server.

If you now push an new post to the content repository, an workflow is triggered, which trigger the Jekyll build in the other repository. The Jekyll build than checkout the content repository and copy it in to the Jekyll theme, than the Jekyll theme is build and published via GitHub Pages. Every day runs another GitHub Action which scans the RSS-Feed of our digital board and sends all posts from yesterday as an message to our Discord server. The message is send by an Python script which triggers an Discord Webhook.

Robin Schumacher

Robin Schumacher

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