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Welcome to my personal website

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I´am Robin Schumacher and this is my website. On this page I summarize my projects.
At this moment I'm studying computer science at the Technical University in Darmstadt and working as a student in a big IT company.


summary of my projects

Proxmox VE KVM Virtualization Proxmox VE 6.1
03 / 2020 iota-jammer IOTA Tangle spammer written in Java GitHub repository
02 / 2020 Multiple Instances of Tomcat Script to install Multiple Instances of Apache Tomcat on Linux. GitHub repository
12 / 2019 HORNET Iota node HORNET Iota Node 0.3.0 running on Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. Dashboard Node
11 / 2019 Nextcloud nextcloud pi based on a raspberry pi 4 B with 4 GB RAM DDR4.
03 / 2018 Exam planner Planner for the Abitur 2018 at the "Geschwister Scholl Schule" in Bensheim. Exam planner

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